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Y018 Y Post 1.65/10 hole Bitumen

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Name: Y018 Y Post 1.65/10 hole Bitumen
Price: $5.85
Code: Y018
Product description:
Product notes:
Gate - frame:
Gate - internal uprights:
Gate - internal horizontals:
Gate - chain link mesh:
Gate - lacing wire:
Gate - hinge lugs:
Gate - gate latch hook:
Gate - height:
Gate - length:
Gate - galvanized spec:
T Irons - length:
T Irons - steel size:
T Irons - weight:
T Irons - holes:
T Irons - holes layout:
T Irons - coating:
Y Posts - length: 1.65m
Y Posts - holes: 10
Y Posts - hole pattern: One at the top then -125mm -152mm -139mm -127mm -114mm -89mm -89mm -89mm -50mm
Y Posts - coating: Bitumen
Y Posts - treatment:
Y Posts - notes: This y post is stamped to have an electric or barbed wire on the top then an 125mm gap to the top of the netting. The next 8 holes match 800mm Cyclone netting. The bottom hole is 50mm under the bottom of the netting and is placed there so that a wire can be run under the netting.