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Cattle & Horse Panels

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Cattle and Horse Panels

We started producing these panels because we needed some temporary cattle yards, these very quickly became a round pen for horses. We designed them for our high country cattle so they are made from 42mm pipe that is 2mm thick and they have an internal upright in the centre so there is only 1m of open rails. They are really strong as along with the 42mm pipe we have used a full saddle weld on every join.

Cattle & horse panels have 250mm mud legs on them, this result in the panel standing with the bottom rail 250mm clear of the ground. Each panel has two standard 20mm hinge lugs on each end, these are for the panels to be joined together using a steel pin. This is a strong simple method of joining the panels together resulting in no movement.

The hinge lugs are the same lugs as are commonly used on gates. The pins that join each panel are 16mm thick. Panels and gates are hot dipped galvanized after welding to a minimum of 500 grams per square metre.

The gate is designed to ride a horse through, the slam latch can be easily opened from horseback or off the ground. The gate opens both ways and can be pushed closed without having to touch the latch. With a 2.8 metre high frame its got plenty of clearance to safely ride through.

Some standard sizes for round pens are listed below, we can customize any other size pen, number of gates etc that is required.