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We supply all types of New Zealand made netting

New Zealand Fencing Solutions supply New Zealand made sheep and deer netting, The 900 mm high netting matches the hole pattern on our 8 hole Y Posts and T Irons and the 1900 mm high deer netting matches our 13 hole Y Posts and T Irons. For further information regarding netting please contact us.

Our 9 hole Y Posts and T Irons match the 900 mm high netting with the extra hole above the netting for a top wire. This means that every wire can be clipped onto the Y Post or T Iron which is beneficial in high stock pressure situations or on rises and foots so the spaces between the line wires remains consistent.

This means that netting can be attached to the Y Posts and T Irons using specially made clips rather than having to tie the netting on with wire. The standard spacing between the stay wires is 300 mm which is suitable for all types of fencing while a 150 mm option is available for high stock pressure areas and boundary fencing. All types of netting has tension curves in the line wires. These tension curves are essential for fencing on undulating ground as without them the netting will not strain up correctly.