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Y Posts

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We stock a wide range of heavy weight Y Posts of different lengths, hole patterns and coating types to suit various requirements.

Our Y posts are manufactured to a very high standard. Our Y posts are extremely consistent in weight, hole placement and coating. They weigh 2.04kg/m which is the heaviest weight available in y posts. Our y posts are made using Q235 steel which is important as there are a lot of y posts being sold now using higher tensile steel which fail under pressure.

We now manufacture rise plates for our Y posts, these are used to stop the Y posts pulling into the ground over time. These rise plates are secured in place with a short piece of No8 wire. Some of our Y posts now have an extra hole at ground level for the rise plate, so a standard seven hole Y post now has eight holes etc.

We stock both hot dipped galvanized y posts and bitumen coated y posts. The hot dipped galvanized y posts are ideal for coastal conditions as they will last significantly longer than the standard bitumen y posts.

We have a range of different hole spacing's available on our standard stock. They are listed below in the specifications. If you require a different hole pattern or length than what we stock, contact us to discuss your needs.