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T Irons

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NZ Fencing Solutions began manufacturing steel T irons for difficult rocky ground conditions where wooden posts are not practical

T Irons are used in place of both intermediate posts and strainers. T Irons are a good option instead of wooden posts in fire risk environments as fire will not damage them. T irons are manufactured from 50mm/5mm steel and weigh 3.75kg per metre. We have rise plates available for our T Irons. These rise plates stop the T Iron from sinking into the ground over time, which will happen unless it is extremely rocky.To enable us to use the rise plates our T Irons now have an extra 8mm diametre hole at ground level for the rise plate to be secured using a short length of No 8 wire. The installation cost of T Irons compared to wooden posts is significantly lower, making these a very competitively priced option while creating a stronger, longer lasting fence.

We now stock them in various lengths and hole patterns from 1.7 to 2.4 metres, see below for detailed specifications.

New Zealand Fencing Solutions T Irons are hot dipped galvanized coated rather than bitumen coated as the galvanizing is a superior coating method. T001 and T003 are the same hole pattern as the standard 7 hole Y Post. T002 is for 900mm high netting. T004 is for deer netting. T005 is for 900mm netting with an electric or barbed wire 125mm above it.

With the price of wooden posts increasing and the cost of driving a wooden post, T Irons are a viable option to use in their place.