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New Products

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New Products

We have some exciting new products to add to our range.

Steel Sheep Yards.

New Zealand Fencing Solutions now stock a fully steel sheep yard. We have fully covered panels for races and half covered panels for the main yards. The panels come in 1,2 and 3m. We have gates in the same design as the half covered panels. The gates all have spring loaded latches built into the frame, the gates are 1,2,3 and 4m. The steel posts are available in 3 styles, the standard post which is a plain post or the gate posts which are available with welded gudgeons or a gate latch slot pre drilled. The panels come with clamp on fittings for attaching to the posts. We also have adjustable width races and drafting gates.

These yards are based on a popular Australian design. The benefits over traditional wooden yards are the low maintenance costs and the design of the panels and gates reduces the risk of dogs getting caught up while jumping.

Conservation Fencing.

 We have designed a conservation fence that uses galvanized y posts and T Irons. The Y Posts and T Irons are stamped so that they can either have netting with extra wires above and below resulting in a higher than normal fence or they can be driven in further and the fence will be closer to a standard height. There are numerous advantages using this type of fence rather than a conventional fence. Some of them are the ability to build a quality fence without having to doze a fence line which reduces the environmental impact of the fence. A hugely reduced labour component, as this type of fence is a lot faster to build than a conventional sheep proof conservation fence. Because the fence is all steel apart from the end strainers, the risk of damage from fire is hugely reduced. This type of fence is ideal for any fence line that is difficult to access but is a very viable option on any terrain.        

Sheep Yard Panel

We have designed a permanent sheep yard panel as an option rather than a conventional wooden yard. These panels are 3m long, they are not attached permanently to the posts. They have channel steel that is attached to the posts at either end and the panels. This system is really fast and simple to install and when you need to clean out the yards you simply lift out the panels. The top 30 cm of the panels has vertical bars to reduce the risk of stock and dogs catching a leg.