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A010 - Y Post Clips 3.15mm 5kg

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Name: A010 - Y Post Clips 3.15mm 5kg
Price: $88.05 + GST
Code: A10
Product description:

We are pleased to be stockists of these New Zealand designed and made Y Post Clips. We have used thousands of these ourselves clipping netting onto Y Posts and also plain wires onto Y Posts wherever we have put Y Posts in existing fences to beef them up. These clips are a far better way to attach wires onto Y Posts than lacing wire, which was the common method prior to these clips being developed. These Y Post Clips are cost effective and fast to install, saving money on labour and resulting in a better fence.

These are made from 3.15mm wire, these are adequate for most places. If you would like a heavier duty option, we have a 4.00mm wire option.

These come in 5kg boxes.

Product notes: Weight: 5 kg
Approximate number per kg: 200
Approximate number per box: 1000
Coating: Galvanised
Guage: 3.15mm
Gate - frame:
Gate - internal uprights:
Gate - internal horizontals:
Gate - chain link mesh:
Gate - lacing wire:
Gate - hinge lugs:
Gate - gate latch hook:
Gate - height:
Gate - length:
Gate - galvanized spec:
Gate - weight:
Gate - steel sheet:
T Irons - length:
T Irons - steel size:
T Irons - weight:
T Irons - holes:
T Irons - holes layout:
T Irons - coating:
Y Posts - length:
Y Posts - holes:
Y Posts - hole pattern:
Y Posts - coating:
Y Posts - treatment:
Y Posts - notes:
Panels - frame:
Panels - internal uprights:
Panels - internal horizontals:
Panels - chain link mesh:
Panels - lacing wire:
Panels - height:
Panels - length:
Panels - galvanized spec:
Panels - weight:
Panels - steel sheet:
Posts - length:
Posts - diameter:
Posts - galvanizing:
Posts - steel thickness:
Posts - weight:
Posts - gate gudgeons:
Posts - latch slot:
Posts - post cap:
Post Clamps - diameter:
Post Clamps - steel thickness:
Post Clamps - bolts:
Post Clamps - nuts:
Post Clamps - galvanizing: