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A011 - Y Post Clips 4.0mm 5kg

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Name: A011 - Y Post Clips 4.0mm 5kg
Price: $153 + GST
Code: A010
Product description:

We are pleased to be stockists of these New Zealand designed and made Y Post Clips. We have used thousands of these ourselves clipping netting onto Y Posts and also plain wires onto Y Posts wherever we have put Y Posts in existing fences to beef them up. These clips are a far better way to attach wires onto Y Posts than lacing wire, which was the common method prior to these clips being developed. These Y Post Clips are cost effective and fast to install, saving money on labour and resulting in a better fence.

This is a  heavier duty option, they are made from 4.0mm wire. These heavy duty ones are good for very high snow risk areas, high stock pressure areas and major rises or foots.

They come in 5kg boxs.

Product notes: Weight: 5 kg
Approximate number per kg: 24
Approximate number per box: 620
Coating: Galvanised
Guage: 4.0mm
Gate - frame:
Gate - internal uprights:
Gate - internal horizontals:
Gate - chain link mesh:
Gate - lacing wire:
Gate - hinge lugs:
Gate - gate latch hook:
Gate - height:
Gate - length:
Gate - galvanized spec:
Gate - weight:
Gate - steel sheet:
T Irons - length:
T Irons - steel size:
T Irons - weight:
T Irons - holes:
T Irons - holes layout:
T Irons - coating:
Y Posts - length:
Y Posts - holes:
Y Posts - hole pattern:
Y Posts - coating:
Y Posts - treatment:
Y Posts - notes:
Panels - frame:
Panels - internal uprights:
Panels - internal horizontals:
Panels - chain link mesh:
Panels - lacing wire:
Panels - height:
Panels - length:
Panels - galvanized spec:
Panels - weight:
Panels - steel sheet:
Posts - length:
Posts - diameter:
Posts - galvanizing:
Posts - steel thickness:
Posts - weight:
Posts - gate gudgeons:
Posts - latch slot:
Posts - post cap:
Post Clamps - diameter:
Post Clamps - steel thickness:
Post Clamps - bolts:
Post Clamps - nuts:
Post Clamps - galvanizing: