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PCL Clamps

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Name: PCL Clamps
Price: $8.00 + GST
Product description:

2 piece clamps that fit the 50mm frame on the panels and the 60mm steel posts.

To install them is very simple using a 10mm bolt which is supplied with the clamps

Product notes:
Gate - frame:
Gate - internal uprights:
Gate - internal horizontals:
Gate - chain link mesh:
Gate - lacing wire:
Gate - hinge lugs:
Gate - gate latch hook:
Gate - height:
Gate - length:
Gate - galvanized spec:
Gate - weight:
Gate - steel sheet:
T Irons - length:
T Irons - steel size:
T Irons - weight:
T Irons - holes:
T Irons - holes layout:
T Irons - coating:
Y Posts - length:
Y Posts - holes:
Y Posts - hole pattern:
Y Posts - coating:
Y Posts - treatment:
Y Posts - notes:
Panels - frame:
Panels - internal uprights:
Panels - internal horizontals:
Panels - chain link mesh:
Panels - lacing wire:
Panels - height:
Panels - length:
Panels - galvanized spec:
Panels - weight:
Panels - steel sheet:
Posts - length:
Posts - diameter:
Posts - galvanizing:
Posts - steel thickness:
Posts - weight:
Posts - gate gudgeons:
Posts - latch slot:
Posts - post cap:
Post Clamps - diameter:
Post Clamps - steel thickness:
Post Clamps - bolts:
Post Clamps - nuts:
Post Clamps - galvanizing:
New Zealand Fencing Solutions - PCL Clamps


Our gates are fully hot dipped galvanised  after construction

New Zealand Fencing Solutions - PCL Clamps

Cattle & Horse Panels

With 42mm/2mm pipe and an upright these are robust

New Zealand Fencing Solutions - PCL Clamps

T Irons

Steel T Irons for difficult rocky ground conditions, now hot dipped galvanised

New Zealand Fencing Solutions - PCL Clamps


Manufactured to superior specifications for NZ conditions