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Twistlock Sheep Netting (Out of Stock)

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Name: Twistlock Sheep Netting (Out of Stock)
Price: See below
Product description: On Twistlock Netting the line wires (horizontal) are made from high tensile 2.5 mm wire, the stay wires (vertical) are made from medium tensile 2.5 mm. The knots are made from low tensile wire which leaves a tight, neat knot with no sharp ends protruding out which stops animals being injured on them. Twistlock Netting is available in various heights, number of line wires and spacing between between the stay wires. Twistlock Netting is ideal for either permanent or temporary fencing. 

Also known as Kiwi Knot

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Product notes:
Gate - frame:
Gate - internal uprights:
Gate - internal horizontals:
Gate - chain link mesh:
Gate - lacing wire:
Gate - hinge lugs:
Gate - gate latch hook:
Gate - height:
Gate - length:
Gate - galvanized spec:
Gate - weight:
Gate - steel sheet:
T Irons - length:
T Irons - steel size:
T Irons - weight:
T Irons - holes:
T Irons - holes layout:
T Irons - coating:
Y Posts - length:
Y Posts - holes:
Y Posts - hole pattern:
Y Posts - coating:
Y Posts - treatment:
Y Posts - notes:
Panels - frame:
Panels - internal uprights:
Panels - internal horizontals:
Panels - chain link mesh:
Panels - lacing wire:
Panels - height:
Panels - length:
Panels - galvanized spec:
Panels - weight:
Panels - steel sheet:
Posts - length:
Posts - diameter:
Posts - galvanizing:
Posts - steel thickness:
Posts - weight:
Posts - gate gudgeons:
Posts - latch slot:
Posts - post cap:
Post Clamps - diameter:
Post Clamps - steel thickness:
Post Clamps - bolts:
Post Clamps - nuts:
Post Clamps - galvanizing: